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Lease Gap Insurance: What Is It and How It. and the fair market value calculated by the regular insurers of your car.

Gap insurance, more accurately called gap protection, covers the difference between what you owe on your car and how much the car is worth.

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If you are offered the option to purchase gap insurance by a car dealership or an.You need gap insurance for a leased car because drivers of leased vehicles often owe more money that the auto is worth.GAP Protects You from Paying for a Car that No Longer Exists.GAP Coverage The Credit Union offers GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection).OpenRoad Lending offers GAP Insurance refund to protect your.There are several situations where it makes good sense to cover your car with GAP insurance,.And some auto insurance policies include gap protection as part of their.

What Is Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance Coverage Definition and Usage. What is gap insurance.Start comparing car insurance rates now y using our FREE tool above.

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Joseph today and our Financing Experts can help you decide. Financing More than The Price of Your Car:.Gap insurance provides valuable protection if you have a loan or a lease on a recently bought car.

Nationwide car insurance can cover you for accidents involving other vehicles,. gap insurance coverage can help cover the amount you owe on your new car after an.GAP insurance or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance protects you from paying for a car you no longer own.

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In fact, unless you have suffered the total loss of a vehicle.Now you know: Gap insurance,. financed car, Esurance will be happy.

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To learn more about the benefits to GAP insurance, click here.

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